Certification Standards | Crescent Halal Food Certification | Global Halal Compliance

Navigate through our extensive certification standards, anchored in globally recognized frameworks. Utilize our online application on this page to commence your Halal certification journey. Our standards epitomize rigorous Halal compliance, enabling your products to resonate with Halal consumers worldwide

Unwavering Compliance to Global Standards

Embark on a certification journey with us, rooted in global standards. Our process adheres to ISO 19011:2011 for thorough audits, and ISO 17065:2012 to maintain certification credibility. MUI HAS 23000, MS 1900:2014, UAE 2055-2:2015, and GSO 2055-2 guide our regional compliance, ensuring your certifications stand strong in diverse markets.

Halal Production and Processing

Our standards ensure Halal integrity at every production stage. MS 1500:2009 governs food production, handling, and storage, while MS 2424:2012 and MS 2200-1:2008 extend compliance to pharmaceuticals and personal care products. HAS 23201 and HAS 23101 detail essential and fulfillment requirements for Halal food and processing industries respectively.

Halal Slaughtering and Meat Processing

Adhering to GSO 713:1997, HAS 23103, and MS 1500:2009, we uphold hygienic and ethical Halal slaughtering practices. Our compliance ensures meticulous handling of animals for meat production, aligning with the highest Halal standards.

SMIIC 1 Alignment

Our alignment with SMIIC 1 standards reflects our dedication to the Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries, reinforcing our global Halal compliance stance.

Choose Crescent Halal Food Certification for your Halal certification needs, and rest assured that your products meet the highest Halal standards recognized worldwide. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at info@crescenthalalfood.com. We’re here to support your journey towards Halal excellence.