Halal Certification Process Simplified

Embark on Your Halal Certification Journey

With Crescent Halal Food Certification, securing a Halal certificate is a streamlined endeavor. Follow these key steps to ensure your products resonate with the highest Halal standards:

1. Halal Certification Application

Initiate your journey by submitting your application, showcasing your commitment to Halal standards. Our user-friendly process eases your first step into Halal certification (Apply for Halal Certification)

2. Application Evaluation

Upon receipt, our expert team meticulously evaluates your application, assessing your adherence to Halal requirements, standards, and Islamic law, laying the groundwork for the subsequent certification steps.

3. Halal Certification Agreement and Price Quote

Post successful evaluation, receive a Halal certification agreement and a competitive price quote from CHFC, facilitating a clear understanding of the process and cost involved.

4. On-Site Audit

We conduct an on-site audit to affirm your compliance with Halal standards, with our seasoned auditors offering insights into achieving and sustaining Halal compliance.

5. Certification Decision

Post thorough evaluation and on-site audit, CHFC determines the certification decision. Upon meeting Halal requirements, attain the Halal certification you’ve aspired for.

Policy Clarifications

Refusal to Grant Halal Certification

Conditions under which CHFC may refuse certification include failure to comply with Halal requirements or meet obligations outlined in the certification agreement.

  • The client fails to comply with Halal requirements, standards, or Islamic law.
  • The client fails to meet any obligations outlined in the Halal certification agreement.

Policy for Suspension, Withdrawal, or Reduction of Halal Certification

Suspension of Halal Certification may occur if:

  • The client persistently or seriously fails to meet Halal certification requirements.
  • The client refuses CHFC’s surveillance audits.
  • The client requests suspension of the Halal certificate.

Withdrawal of Halal Certification may occur if:

  • The client fails to meet the terms and conditions in the Halal certification agreement.
  • The client does not resolve any suspension-related issues.
  • The client requests the withdrawal of the certificate.

Reduction of Halal Certification Scope may occur if:

  • The client does not resolve suspension-related issues affecting some Halal certified products within the defined timeframe.
  • Some Halal certified products fail to meet Halal requirements.
  • The client requests a reduction in scope.

Policy for Maintaining, Extending, and Renewing Halal Certification

Maintaining your Halal certificate is crucial, and it requires continuous compliance with Halal requirements. To extend your certification scope, you can submit a request to CHFC for evaluation and approval.

If you have any inquiries or need further information about our Halal certification process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@crescenthalalfood.com. We are here to support you in your journey to Halal excellence.