About Us

Established in 2014, the Crescent Halal Food Certification Canada Inc emerged out of the concern of a few individuals for the state of Halal in Canada and its implications to the Muslim community in Canada.

The Crescent Halal Food Certification Canada Inc (CHFC) seeks to play a positive and unique role in the establishment of the Halal brand in Canada, the advancement of its progressive certification and verification program for businesses wanting to do “Halal right”, and bringing about a robust chapter-model for the community to educate itself through.

While already having begun to provide assurance to the Canadian Muslim consumer about the integrity of Halal through education and awareness campaigns,the Crescent Halal Food Certification Canada Inc also seeks to create transparent alliances and ties with the growing number of Halal organizations and businesses in Canada and the World..

To date, various teams of the Crescent Halal Food Certification Canada Inc has traveled to Many provinces in Canada to research the Halal models being applied at every level of the supply chain and its subsequent regulatory practices. From slaughtering plants to processing and distribution centers to business outlets and abattoirs, the prospects for future growth of the Halal brand is great. We also have contacted numerous international countries including first of all Saudi Arabia where is the head offices of International Halal Islamic authority and International Fiqh Council , UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait and Pakistan, to observe and research Halal regulatory and monitoring practices, organizational models. They have also learned from countless Halal experts, researchers, scholars and inspection personnel on implementing Halal in the most optimal manner.

In the end, the Crescent Halal Food Certification Canada Inc (CHFC)  is focused on balancing their advocacy between two strategic alliances, the Halal consumer and business, while also trying to help establish the necessary Halal governance practices to combat fraud and create a high-quality Halal accreditation standard in Canada with others.

CHFC provides Halal certification services to a diverse range of customers, products, and brands across many consumer and commercial industries. Some examples of CHFC’s primary service offerings are related to flavor companies, meat, poultry and dairy products, to vitamin, supplements, cosmetics and other personal care items. Some of our non-consumables service offerings are related to filters, lubricants, cleaning materials and other synthetic chemical or natural mineral based goods.